The Power of 8

by: Bob Christopher

The Power of 8

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    The Power of 8
    POWER: It's the ability to do, act or produce.

    8 — Eight basic truths about Jesus that contain the power to produce change, to transform human hearts.

    Join Bob as he unfolds the importance of knowing:

    • Jesus Christ is God
    • His Word is truth
    • Promises of the New Covenant in which we live
    • Your sins are forgiven
    • New life through the Resurrection
    • The purpose of the Law and the freedom of God's grace
    • Your new identity in Christ
    • The three distinguishing marks of the Christian life -- Faith Hope and Love
    Get connected to these foundational truths and experience the power of God's love and grace in new and fresh ways.
    Let the power of 8 change you.

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