Grace & Money

Grace & Money

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    Grace & Money

    Does the Word of God have anything to say about money, our attitudes toward money, and how to wisely use money? The answer is a resounding “Yes!”

    When it comes to money, most of us feel like the comic, Henny Youngman, who said, “I have all the money I’ll ever need...if I die by 4 o’clock today!” There never seems to be enough.

    As a result, the cycle of needing more, wanting more, and getting more money never seems to end. Soon we are living FOR our money, and have lost proper perspective.

    This series will help you break free from that cycle by exploring four important keys:

    • Worship – Whom do you worship? Who or what you worship will ultimately control you.
    • Contentment – You can be content with what you have. Discover the secret to experiencing genuine contentment.
    • Stewardship – God owns everything. We have the wonderful privilege of stewarding all that He provides.
    • Giving – Leave guilt behind and understand that giving is a matter of the heart, not a law of percentage.

    This series includes our booklet, "Giving the New Covenant Way".

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