It's All Yours

by: Bob Christopher / Richard Peifer

It's All Yours

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    It's All Yours

    God's Will. Your Inheritance.

    The book of Hebrews has only one point -- the New Covenant is superior to and takes the place of the Old Covenant. It may sound theological and boring, but nothing could be further from the truth. This is rubber-meets-the-road, real-life The New Covenant is God's will and purpose for your life. Heed the warnings against old stodgy religious red flags, press the pedal through the green lights and experience all the blessings of new life in Jesus Christ.

    Journey with Bob Christopher and Richard Peifer into this New Covenant and...

    • take hold of the forgiveness of your sins
    • experience rest and peace for your soul
    • grow in your relationship with Jesus Christ.

    Don't miss out on anything God has for you. Learn to live today as a New Covenant believer.

    *This is a 2 volume, 14 CD audio series.