The Books of the Bible: New Testament

The Books of the Bible: New Testament

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    The Books of the Bible: New Testament

    The Books of the Bible is a revolutionary new presentation that strips away centuries of artificial formatting, leaving behind nothing but pure Bible text. A Bible to recover what the Bible was designed for in the first place-reading.

    • Chapter and verse numbers removed
    • Natural literary breaks restored
    • Whole books put back together
    • More helpful book order
    • Single-column format
    • Book intros to unlock the context of each book
    • NIV text

    The Bible is a collection of whole books-songs, letters, stories, prophecies, history, and more-that together tell a big, God-shaped, world-transforming story. Each book is a unique gift, waiting to be discovered, read, engaged.

    So why do so many of us use the Bible instead as a holy reference book? Perhaps it's because the form of our Bibles tells us to do this. A boatload of additives, presented in a sea of numbers and columns, visually directs us to piecemeal sampling, rather than real reading.

    In this "how-to manual" approach we end up:

    • isolating Bible verses out of their context;
    • picking our favorite fragments for devotional use;
    • emphasizing topical searches as the way to do Bible study.