The New Covenant Journey

by: Bob Christopher

The New Covenant Journey

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    The New Covenant Journey

    If God had a will, would you be listed as a beneficiary? If so, what would you inherit and how would it change your life?

    God does have a will and it is called the New Covenant. And it is more amazing than you can imagine.

    This covenant changes everything. It guarantees you..

    • A new relationship with God based on His love and grace.
    • A new identity.
    • A new way of life.
    • A new purpose.

    The New Covenant Journey takes an in-depth look at God's will and all this wonderful covenant has in store for you.

    It's all yours. It's time to take hold of your inheritance and experience to the full the New Covenant life.

    Let the journey begin.

    A wonderful Bible study guide for personal or group study.