Meet the Author

by: Bob Christopher / Richard Peifer

Meet the Author

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    Meet the Author

    Eternal life according to Jesus is not something we gain in the sweet bye and bye. It is experienced here and now as we grow in grace and in the knowledge of Jesus Christ. There is no better way than to immerse ourselves in the pages of Scripture.

    We have created this one-year Bible reading plan to help walk you through the pages of the New Testament. It is here you will meet Jesus face to face and learn all he has provided for you in the New Covenant.

    There are 260 chapters in the New Testament, and each week you'll read 5 chapters and use the Observations/Applications/Questions section to further explore the passages that speak to you.

    The commentaries in this journal highlight a key point in each week's reading. These entries are meant to point out key truths in each week's chapters, but they should not be considered an overview of the entire week's reading.

    Before you begin, ask the Lord to reveal the passages that will be most meaningful to you. Often, it will be a different passage than is addressed by the commentary.

    As you take this journey to meet the Author, do so knowing that you have the Holy Spirit as your teacher. He has promised to take the things of the Lord Jesus and make them known to you. Also, we encourage you to write down key observations from the chapters you read each week and how these passages apply to your life personally.

    The Bible is God's testimony concerning his Son Jesus. It is his love letter to you. We pray Meet the Author will help you grow in your knowledge of Jesus and discover the fullness of his love and grace.