Living Life on the Edge

by: Bob Christopher

Living Life on the Edge

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    Living Life on the Edge

    Adventure. Pushing yourself to greater heights. Going beyond your potential. That's life on the edge, the ultimate risk-reward destination. Sounds exciting doesn't it? Who wouldn't want a life like that? But for a surprising number of believers, "life on the edge" is tantamount to a life lived at temptation's doorstep, at the edge of worldly desires.

    This edge is a place children of God should avoid like the plague, but we venture there time and time again, away from God's plan for our lives. God's destination for us is right in the center of His will. That is where we are to live our lives and enjoy the freedom to which He has called us.

    The Bible paints a very vivid picture of what life in the center of God's will looks like. And you, too, will discover it in Bob Christopher's booklet, Life on the Edge.

    (17 pages)

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