Jesus Christ - The Greatest Life

Jesus Christ - The Greatest Life

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    Jesus Christ - The Greatest Life

    For the first time in history…

    …you'll find all four Gospel accounts combined in one single, flowing narrative in Jesus Christ, The Greatest Life, a complete and thorough account of the events of Christ's life.

    All four books, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, are unique, inspired, and critically important in portraying the life and teachings of Jesus Christ. Each account was written from a different time, a different place, and from different regions. But when these four reports are combined into one complete, single, flowing narrative, you can retrace every known fact about Jesus' life and ministry in chronological order, without repetition of a single detail. It includes every chapter and verse with nothing added and nothing omitted.

    Allow yourself to be transported into the full-dimensioned setting of the life and ministry of Christ—following His footsteps and feeling His heartbeat as He walked with those He loved—in Jesus Christ, The Greatest Life.



    Excerpt from the publisher's note:

    Jesus Christ The Greatest Life combines two previously published works. The first is The Life of Christ in Stereo copyrighted in 1969 by Western Seminary, and the second in The Greatest Story copyrighted in 1994 by Western Seminary. This book incorporates both books wit the addition of maps, graphics, timelines and editorial comments. It also includes a numbering of the thirty-five major recorded miracles and pictorial representations in the form of nearly one hundred icons of the major recorded events and teachings in His life.