12 Days of Simply Grace

by: Bob Christopher

12 Days of Simply Grace

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    12 Days of Simply Grace

    I spent the early years of my Christian experience trying to be "God's Guy". I was committed to God and really wanted my life to count for Him. Much like the Israelites, my attitude was "all you've commanded Lord, I will do" (Exodus 24:7). I genuinely tried. I left everything on the court in my effort to be the best Christian I could be. I gave it my best shot. But my best shot wasn't good enough. My promise was no match for the temptations of life. I gave in time and time again. Every time I did, I felt horrible, as if I had let God down.

    Does this sound familiar? Quite frankly, I think every human being lives this story to one degree or another. It's programmed into our DNA. I like to tell people that we are all natural born legalists. We try to live for God, but it's impossible for us to do.

    I tried for four years to make sense of the Christian life. Every "brilliant" idea I had turned out to be nothing more than the same old fear-based, guilt driven plotline - try harder.

    I didn't know any other way to live the Christian life than by human effort. I applied it generously to every rule I considered important in achieving my goal of being God's guy - reading the Bible, praying every day, standing strong against sin, and maintaining an appearance of goodness. This all made sense to me; it seemed like the wise path to take.

    Nothing could be further from the truth. The bottom line is this - I didn't know how I was supposed to live the Christian life. Maybe you've felt the same way. I've got great news. There is a better way. Christianity is simply grace, from start to finish.

    Through this devotional, I invite you to explore with me the way of grace. Take this 12-day journey and learn that grace packs all the power you need for life and godliness.